milk shake- EPIC FAIL

So a really good method for making cold milk shakes is buying frozen fruit, pouring them into a blender, add milk and voila, milk shake ice cold. now what if you have no blender but only a handmixer? get the same result ? no. What happened: the stupid milk got really foamy, like whipped cream. plus it tastes awful. milk shake without blender: EPIC . 'FAIL.

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just peachy. lovely. adorable. and probably too spicey

maybe should have just used a non-german blog. ah heck. Cooking is great. Especially drunken cooking. People go on about karate and thai bo, whatever, then they see drunken boxing and go "damn now thats cool AND funny" Same principle with cooking. I love cooking with alcohol. Sometimes i even put some into the food. But mostly i use it for inspiration. Preferably sometime at 3 am,. bloody amazing how often inspiration strikes me there. i just had one right now! 1. Hungry 2. Whats availbale`ß `? damn key. board. Available. ha. Pizza, no topping. 3. Hmm. i got cheese. but hey, i got sweet and sour sauce. anything else? apples. lemon? onion. 4. and of course chili. and a new miracle is born! Funny thing is, it actually tastes really...

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